Friday, July 28, 2006

A Few Tings

(I say tings because I'm trying to affect a Guyanese accent...)

1st. My mom (aka, Maya's Granny) wrote a post yesterday that really gave me a peek into growing up in the 50s, being a girl. I would say that this is her best writing so far...good stuff, and definitely worth the time. Check it out. And now that I mention it, today's post isn't shabby either...I wrote a quick post back in March about Feminism, and she gives it a more thorough treatment today. She's on a roll. ;)

2nd. I'm guest blogging over at Birth Stories. My fellow 'J' blogger, Black Belt Mama started a new blog, and is actively seeking submissions. So, if you would like to share your birthstory with her, shoot her an email at She's taking submissions from men as well, if you want to give her the father's point of view...though I don't think her very young blog has had any dads yet. If you want to read about the day Maya finally conceded and made her appearance, go check it out. :)

3rd. I found a blog by Guyana Gyal the other day, and if anyone is interested in reading about life in Guyana, told in a Guyanese accent, this blog is great. Love the voice, but her content is great as well. If you didn't know this already, Ted's family is from Guyana (though he was born near Toronto), and every once in awhile I get a glimpse of the language. I love how people can be speaking English, and I can understand the words, but not really what they're talking about. As opposed to Scotland, where the words are beyond most Americans, or so I hear. ;)

4th. I've decided to become really annoying. If I'm not annoying enough already, I'm going to add to it by now calling San Francisco "Frisco", L.A. "la la land", and Berkeley, "Bezerkly". Anyone have any really annoying nick names for other cities I can adopt in my quest? (OK, just kidding...I'm NOT going to start using these annoying names...but it seemed like a good idea last night, and I WOULD like to hear if Chicago, New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc. have stupid nick names that make the locals' skin crawl...)

5th. You have no idea how happy I am to tell you this....last night, I was up watching a little TV, and I had to close the window, because I was a little chilly. It just makes me happy to be able to say that.

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