Monday, July 10, 2006

Failure to Thrive

Any parents out there know what this term means...when you have a newborn, and they're not doing so well. Well, no newborns around here, but what with the weather being 103 yesterday and me getting all grumpy because I was hungry (just for dinner, it's not like I even missed a meal, for goodness sake) and then I had a hard time sleeping last night because, though the fog came in and brought much needed relief from the heat, it also brought a wind that pushes the plum tree next door against the fence, causing a creaking noise ALL FRIGGIN NIGHT LONG. I'm just saying, it was hard to sleep. Stupid thing is still creaking right outside my window, sounding like it's about to burst. I hate it. Authorities have been called, and the tree will soon lose a branch, but waiting for it is 'working my last nerve', as they used to say in Philly. ;)

I'm not thriving so much as I would like right about now. Stupid tree.

I did dream that I was going to take care of Brad and Angelina's baby for them, once she got old enough. Maybe because my sister is due to give birth at any minute? (Today is her due date, induction set for Wednesday if she doesn't have her sooner!) I don't know. :)

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