Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Think the Sun Is Trying to Kill Us

According to my local paper, the high yesterday was 111 F. Ugh. It was so stinking hot. Maya went to her best friend's house to play, and Ted and I decided to go see a movie...the A/C had conked out at the theater, so it was kind of like an oven in there. We bailed. But when it's 111 degrees out, you don't want to do a lot outside, so we drove to Berkeley (where it was a frigid 92 degrees...), and found our movie there. We saw "A Scanner Darkly", which was a pretty serious cautionary tale about drug use. I liked it, but I kind of think that the mind of Phillip K. Dick is not to be entered lightly.

Then we came home, and I made Gina's balsamic chicken, which was a big hit. Thanks, Gina!

Now it's Sunday morning. I went to the Farmers' Market and the grocery store, and the bank thermometer told me it was 93 F at about 9:30. Ugh. I'm thinking this will be a day of reading books, watching TV (Brady Bunch Weekend on TV Land!), and perhaps even another movie. I sure hope the power doesn't go out and deprive us of our A/C. It flickered last night, and I almost keeled over from fright. It was still 85 degrees last night at midnight. I'm dreading our PG&E bill next month. Sigh.

It's almost 5:00PM, and the weather channel says it's 112 outside. I wouldn't know, because, thankfully, I'm inside, with the a/c. My heart goes out to those without homes at times like these...or to those with homes, but no way to cool them and who live in dangerous neighborhoods where they can't leave the windows open to catch a breeze...not that there IS a breeze right's pretty still out there...but we're hoping. Supposed to be 98 tomorrow, which is still too hot for me, but MUCH better than 112.

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