Sunday, July 16, 2006

Our Weekend So Far

This weekend has been busy so far. Friday evening we went to a potluck hosted by some friends from Maya's school. One nice thing to come out of that was that the only other girl there for Maya to play with was E, a girl who she doesn't really get along with at school or in scouts. They had a nice time, and I'm hoping that opened her eyes a bit to the possibility that this girl might be OK. Not that they will necessarily hang out at school or scouts, but that maybe when they're the only people around, they can get along then. There are dynamics involved when they're with certain other girls that may (or may not, who knows) prevent them from really getting along. Anyway, that was Friday.

Saturday, Ted had to go to a remote at a housing development in Brentwood, where they tried to seduce him with square footage, convincing him that we need to move out to the exurbs (is that what they're called?) so we can have a great big house. I'm not so sure. Ted says if I saw the house, I might be. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely lunch and shopping date with Dot, which was her belated birthday gift from me. (Not the shopping, just the lunch.) It was very nice to hang out, just the two of us. That's how friends are...sometimes you enjoy getting together with everyone, sometimes it's fun to have some one on one. Dot and I haven't had that in awhile.

While Ted was being seduced, and I was lunching, Maya was at a birthday party. Her friend Dominique turned 10, and for her party, they went to the Paris Beauty College, where they did all of the girls up with fancy hair. They had a great time. Maya's hair was lovely and very long curls...she's still in bed, so I'm not sure how those curls survived the night. Here's Maya and her best friend, Jackie, showing off their coifs. :)

Then, as if all of that weren't enough, we had a birthday party at our house for Ted's mom and uncle, whose birthdays are 1 day (and 15 years, I think) apart. Ted was the chef for the evening, and he made food from Giada. Boy, it was YUMMY. My personal favorite was the Tilapia. He also made Lamb (the recipe is for beef, but there are a couple of non-beef Hindu types hanging around, so he substituted lamb), and a zucchini dish. YUM. One nice thing about the party is that we had to clean house ahead of time, so now our house is nice and clean. :) The other nice thing is that we bought too much Tilapia, and Ted didn't cook it all, so we have dinner all planned already for tonight. Yay! It was very yummy, so that will be nice. We also have some of the sauce for the lamb left, so I'm thinking we'll have that on Monday. Then I want Gina's chicken one day this week, too.

It's hot today, maybe gonna get up to 100. I think I've missed the boat for going to the farmer's market, since it will be out in the sun, and I still haven't showered or walked the dog. Maybe next week. I wonder if they have any heirloom tomatoes this early in the season, and I'm missing them?

Hope your weekend is turning out well. We're thinking breakfast at Denny's, ironing, relaxing, not sure what else. Nice.

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