Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sometimes I Read My Spam...

And I get gems like this, which kind of makes me wonder if this is a frustrated writer, making a living finding ways to get past spam filters so the stupid stock they are trying to get me to buy or whatever since I never actually GO to the sites, so maybe it's something else entirely...anyway, some of this stuff is so bad it's good, and here's one damn fine example of that. Taken directly from a spam to my work email account, and only edited to remove the stock info.
but I could go with you. He held onto one thought - she was going to lift him into bed, and when she did that she would have to be blind as well as numb not to notice that the back of his underwear happened to be stuffed with little boxes.

(Insert spam about new stock that will make you RICH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS here...)
No exact cause of death given. He noted with deepening misgivings that there were red marks like weals on her cheeks and arms. Paul thought this was akin to proving that meteors never struck the earth by showing five days when not a single one had hit Farmer Johns north field, but he could understand the weight he argument would have carried with the jury just the same. He huddled by the occasional table, shivering all over, staring at them with rolling eyes.

He bent over, ignoring the pain in his legs, and began to work the loose section of baseboard out with his fingers. Then the crosss upright split.

Suddenly he wanted a hit of rock and roll worse than he had ever wanted a cigarette. He saw everything with perfect clarity - three groups all hellbent for Misery in the crenellated passages behind the idols forehead, two wanting to kill her, the third - consisting of Ian, Geoffrey, and Hezekiah - trying to save her.

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