Saturday, July 08, 2006

Props to Safeway

I stopped at Safeway on Thursday evening, and when I got back to my car, there was a woman filling the trunk of the car next to me with fruit and veggies. Corn, watermelon, strawberries, and so on. She didn't have any bags, she was taking the items out of a big box and putting them into her trunk. I asked her if she had bought all of this at Safeway, wondering if she was against bagging her groceries for some reason, or if she were planning a huge party, since there was so much food. No, she said, Safeway donates the food to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Color me impressed! I have seen people from the food bank picking up bread and other items that are day old and so on, but I didn't know that they supported the animals as well. Good for them! (They also knew how to distract toddler Maya way back when, with a balloon and a cookie, which helped us get through the store quite easily. The woman who used to give her the cookie, Karen, still works at out local Safeway, and loves to see Maya and talk to her. :) )

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