Saturday, July 29, 2006

Congratulations, Achebe!

Our 20 year old Volvo passed a major milestone on Friday....he went from 199,000 miles over to 200,000! It's kind of like his birthday or something! If he were human, I'd buy a cake. But, since he's a car, I'll just say, "Good Going, Achebe!"

(And yes, he was named for the famous Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe...I read a book of his in grad school (Things Fall Apart) and I was pretty blown away by how DIFFERENT it was from the other things I was reading, and I always liked the name. I hope the author isn't insulted that I named a car after him...I mean, Ted named his mom's dog Nietzsche (and she's a girl!), but old Friedrich is long dead, so he doesn't care...)

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