Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Morning Thoughts...

I just got up, looking at a few blogs, and the first two I came to had some interesting coincidences...

1st, my mom's blog talked about the sexualization of children, about how dressing young girls in adult's clothing, and visa versa, is dangerous because it sends very confusing messages to the world. This reminded me of when I was a girl, and I wanted to get my ears pierced...I wasn't allowed, because my mom said that earrings were a symbol of being a certain age and maturity, and so I didn't get them done until I was 16. I've put a lot of thought into when to allow Maya to have her ears pierced. I understand my mom's point when I was young, but I also look at a lot of other cultures besides our admittedly WASPy one, and so many cultures pierce ears at a very young age. Mexico, India, Italy, etc. So, I decided awhile ago that if Maya wanted to have her ears pierced, I would allow it. Thursday, she decided she wanted to have it done. Ted wasn't sure about this, he was thinking maybe she's too young, so he did a poll at work, and pretty much everyone had had their ears pierced when they were very young, and it was no big deal to any of them. So, yesterday, Maya got her ears pierced.


2nd, Black Belt Mama has put up a fitness challenge. It's a reasonable one, and also one with pretty decent timing...I went to my annual physical a few weeks ago, and Maya went to hers last week, and they both talked about getting enough calcium in your diet. In addition to that, when we were on vacation, I was talking to my step mom about weight bearing exercise, and how I would like to do some yoga at home to build my bone density, but I find it hard to make time for a one hour session, esp. since I also walk a couple of miles on most days, and I have a full time job, child, house, blog, etc. She said, don't try to do an hour of yoga a day. Do 10 minutes. Do some stretches, and then some downward facing dog and plank pose, and you'll be doing those bones a big favor. So, in response to BBM's challenge, I am going to start taking calcium supplements again, and do 10 minutes of yoga a day, both with the goal of toning and getting my body ready for menopause. Which isn't tomorrow or anything, but hey, I'm 40, and the sooner I get ready, the better off I'll be when the time comes.

My other thoughts so far are more in the category of, "why is it that I take my contact lenses out at night, and THEN go looking for my glasses?" I'm pretty blind, and um, that's not so smart. And, "Is there grape kool-aid in my new face cream? Kinda smells like it." And, I think I need to start wearing my mouth guard, because the whole left side of my face hurts again, which is what happens when I grind my teeth. And, "hmm...I went to the farmers market yesterday and got some nice tomatoes for bruschetta...wonder if I have time today to go get some more and make a nice pasta sauce?" I have to get school supplies for Maya, take her to the mall (she wants a back to school outfit for tomorrow) go to the grocery store for food, and celebrate a birthday tonight over ice cream (so superior to cake!) So, I think I'll get started, and leave this blogging business behind me for now. Happy Sunday!

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