Sunday, August 06, 2006

Our Weekend So Far

Yesterday, Maya had a pretty cool art class, where they got to learn some cartooning skills from a Pixar animator. She really liked it. Ted and I took the opportunity to go see Scoop, which is the newest Woody Allen movie. Ted LOVES Woody Allen. I like him OK, but not like Ted does. That's ok, I'm game for a good movie now and again. ;) At one point during the film, however, I discovered that my husband has become an old man. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but the evidence came forward when Woody Allen was asked what his religion was...he said ""I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism." Ted's reaction? He clapped his hands together, twice, slowly and silently, just like an OLD MAN! Try it at home. Try to think how an old man would do it...that's exactly what happened. The joke was funny, but Ted's reaction was funnier. After the movie, we stopped to get some geriatric products (I can't think of any funny ones right now...fill in the blanks please...), then we picked Maya up from her class, came home and made a lovely dinner, after which we watched The Manchurian Candidate. I had never seen it before, and I have to say, it was really good. I knew a bit about it going in, but not the full details, and it was pretty gripping.

This morning we woke up late (LOVE weekends), went to breakfast and a dog walk, and then came home for awhile. Then Maya and I went to get pedicures and manicures, which felt GREAT. When I get a pedicure, I like to read crappy magazines, and eat crappy food. For my magazine, I chose the August 7 Star Magazine, which had a very compelling picture of Shannon Doherty before and after bad plastic surgery right there on the cover. As a huge fan of 90210, of course I HAD to buy it. :) (As a side note, I tried to find a link to the picture for you, on the Star website, and I couldn't find it....went looking elsewhere and found that Shannon is suing them for their rudeness and false allegations. OK, maybe not for the rudeness...) Wasn't a very interesting magazine article, but then again, they never really are. For my crappy food, I had to try the new Avalanche bar, which I've been looking for ever since my blog friend Ally Bean dissed them on her site. I agree with her in principle...why take a good thing and mess with it. But in reality, taking a Payday bar and covering it in chocolate was MIGHTY tasty. Maya had a triple chocolate drumstick, so we were both pretty liquored up on sugar at that point. For our colors, Maya chose a great orange, while I went with a bright pink. I purchased some callus remover that they swear will work on Ted's feet, so he'll be getting a home pedicure later this week. I'm afraid it will mess up my nails, so he'll have to wait until the polish chips at least a bit, which really could happen at any moment. Sigh. I miss my fake nails, which held to polish so well. Oh well.

Now I'm thinking it might be time for a snooze on the sofa. All of this doing nothing is wearing me out. Then I'll make dinner (spinach gnocci, I'm thinking), and chat with my mom on the phone.

Hope your weekend has been wonderful thus far as well!

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