Thursday, August 10, 2006

Double Thursday Thirteen (Thursday 26?)

I was thinking the other day of things I would like to do if I had more money. Then I thought, that would be a good Thursday 13! So I daydreamed a bit, and started feeling kind of spoiled and selfish, and that I lead a pretty good I thought of days when I had much less, and I decided to do a SECOND Thursday 13 of things I would do if I had less money.

OK, so that's TWO Thursday 13s. I considered using one this week, and saving one for next week, but next week, I'm on vacation (I know, Biff again) and I don't know if I'll be able to get near a computer, and Blogger doesn't let you write them ahead of time and have them automatically post (THOUGH THEY SHOULD!), and by the time I get back from vacation, my head will be ready to explode with new exciting things to tell you all, meaning that I will have lost ALL interest in having less money; SO, I thought, I'll give it to you all right now. Whew. I do believe that's a run on sentence, by the way.

Thirteen Things I would do if I had more money:
1. Take another yoga class, so I had it twice a week instead of once a week.

2. Get my hair cut/colored every 6 weeks, rather than every 3-4 months.

3. Give more money to my favorite charities, over there on the sidebar.

4. Travel more. Depending on how much more money I had, maybe a LOT more.

5. Buy a bigger house. How much bigger depends on how much money, but I would love it if my office weren't in my bedroom.

6. Buy a hybrid car. It's hard to put your money where your mouth is when they are SO stinkin' expensive.

7. Pay someone to come in here and paint my house with pretty colors...instead of doing it ourselves and always using shades of white. You know, unless we get that bigger house I mentioned.

8. Custom cabinets in whatever house we're talking about. With cool drawers and hidey places for everything...I would love that.

9. Oooohhh...a housekeeper. I have several friends who have someone clean once a week, and what a luxury that would be.

10. Pay off my mortgage more quickly...make double payments. That always seems like such a smart thing to do.

11. Fix things as soon as they become a problem. Like a new stove (one where all of the burners work). New dishwasher (one that is energy efficient and QUIETER). New hot water heater.

12. If I got stinkin rich, I'd build a library at Maya's school, since they don't have one. It wouldn't be in place until she left, so it wouldn't embarrass her for it to be named, "The Asregadoo Library". I like that.

13. Flying lessons for Ted. He said it was one thing he wanted to learn to do someday, and it would be cool to get to do that.
Thirteen things I would do if I had less money:
1. Dye my own hair. I've done it before, and no, it isn't pretty. But neither is my natural hair color.

2. Buy a yoga DVD and quit my class. Which would suck, because I've tried this in the past, and I just don't get around to it very often.

3. Give up my evening wine habit. (sob)

4. Eat at restaurants less often.

5. Cut back on my diet coke habit. Maybe one a day would be enough.

6. Cut back on the giving to the worthy organizations over there on the sidebar.

7. Remove Maya from afterschool childcare. Since I work from home, that would be an easy way to save money. But she doesn't have friends that live close by us, so this is her only chance outside of recess to play with other children.

8. Shop at consignment stores. I've gotten some pretty good deals there in the past. They take more patience, but if you're broke, patience is something you have to learn.

9. Go to a cheaper hair salon. Maybe a beauty college. You're taking risks there, people, and that might be painful.

10. No more pizza on Fridays or burritos on Tuesdays for Maya at school.

11. Brown bagging it for lunch for Ted. (He does this a lot anyway, but it could be every day.)

12. Cancel our Netflix subscription. I know, that's not a LOT of money, but sometimes, every little bit helps.

13. No new books. Sigh. That one might hurt the most.

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