Friday, August 11, 2006

25 Peeps

Does anyone know anything about '25 Peeps'? It's this site that is used to promote your blog, and you can also use it to find other people's blogs. I found out about it at Sprigs, and thought, well, that might be fun, so I put my picture & blog in for submission. That's me up there, at the Sacre Coeur, on my honeymoon back in 1993, and the glamerous looking woman is Sprigs. :) So, with 25 Peeps, if people come to my blog and click the picture there, it gives me points, which keeps me on 25 Peeps. Then, since my picture (and link to my blog) are on the 25 Peeps page, I'll get new readers. See how this works? Of course, I think it would work a lot better if I weren't going on vacation tomorrow, leaving my blog lonely and I'm thinking I won't be on 25 Peeps for very long. But do me a favor, OK? Click the pic, go to 25 Peeps, check out a few other people's blogs, have fun. Maybe I'll even find a way to keep posting while on vacation...

Saturday Morning Update...I've been pushed from 25 peeps. Sigh. My moment of fame was fleeting...but actually, much less pressure now about blogging on vacation to keep people interested, so it's maybe a GOOD thing. :)

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