Friday, September 01, 2006

Perfect Post Award

I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and award a perfect post. My mom received a perfect post award last month, which was pretty impressive considering how new she is to this whole bloggy world, but not at all surprising when I consider her heart, warmth, and damned-smartness. The other place I've seen these awarded is over at Mom101, who is one of my biggest blog crushes. Love her. Her site is where I first heard of the concept, which originates with Mama K, the queen of Petroville.

The problem of course is, how to pick one perfect post out of so many wonderful submissions? Every day I go and read stories, poems, anectdotes that just reach right out and speak to me. So it's my first time doing this, and already I'm bending the rules. I'm giving TWO perfect post awards, to two pieces that really resonated, and were so beautifully written that I remembered them and wanted to share them with you.

A Perfect Post
The first award goes to Word Girl, over at Half of the Sky who tells a very sad tale about the death of her child's French teacher, and the community that came together for her to help her through her cancer treatment, and beyond.

A Perfect Post The second award goes to the Kvetch at Kvetch Blog, who described her son's first day of High School in such a poingnant way, it made me feel happy for her, and sad for her, and for all of us whose children are growing up just a little bit faster than we're prepared to admit.

It turns out, however, that someone else also nominated the Kvetch post, and the powers that be only allow you to nominate ONE perfect post, so the site won't have my name by it as the nominator. Someone else will have that. But hey, she got nominated twice, right? That's pretty darned good.

Thanks, ladies, for sharing yourselves, and your talent, in these beautiful posts.

If you would like to read more perfect posts, you can find them at both Petroville and Suburban Turmoil. I've been perusing a few this morning, and some of them are really, really good. Amazing stuff. Go forth. Enjoy.

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