Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Later...

Why 8 year old daughters are superior to 8 year old dogs:

My then 8 year old daughter, at 4:50am about a year and a half ago:
"Mama, I threw up."
"In the toilet."

My NOW 8 year old dog, at 4:50am this morning:


Oh, you have to know, the carpet cleaner died awhile ago, and the vacuum cleaner died on Sunday, and I've had 4 days off from work, so really don't have time to go shopping for new ones right now. But you will have to wait for my regularly scheduled post, because I kind of have to deal with the barf this morning. I'm gonna try Oxy.

More Later, I promise. Can't promise it will be GOOD, but there will be something.

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