Friday, September 08, 2006

Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty

Has anyone else out there ever found yourself up too late, watching TV, and flipping channels, and you come across the train wreck that is "Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty"? (Let me take a moment to tell you that in searching for photos of Shannen showing her big nasty gap-toothed smile that makes me think, 'braces', 'cosmetic dentistry', and 'frenectomy', I came across the news that 90210 will finally be released on DVD this fall...oh, I'm almost tempted, but $62 for one season? WTF?)

So, here's the premise of her new show. Girl wants to break up with boy, but she's such a LOSER FREAK that she thinks it will be "fun" to break up with him on TV with Shannen's help. Well, here comes King Karma, and we quickly discover that boy is cheating on girl, because he's a 'player' (a term he uses quite proudly). Now that she knows he's a player, she REALLY wants to dump him, but she also wants a little bit of humiliation thrown in, for fun. Why are these people breaking up? They seem so well suited. All of this is before the first commercial break.

After the break, Shannen gloats while pig boy (aka, player) watches loser freak girl break up with him on video. He's still proud of being a 'player', and doesn't care that he just got dumped on TV. If his friends are the same high quality as these two, it will probably get him dates. Shannen is all snotty and superior with him, like she wouldn't be all over him like a cheap suit if there were no cameras running. The worst thing about the show, I think, was that in addition to being cruel and really dumb, it was BORING. I'm thinking it won't be on the air for very long, which, I can assure you, is a good thing. And I promise you, right now, if we are ever selected as a Nielson family, I will NOT admit to watching this drek, thereby keeping it on the air one second longer. I swear it.

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